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Sweet Shop Favourites Sweets Menu

  1. Bananas
  2. Bon bons (strawberry, toffee or raspberry)
  3. Chocolate limes
  4. Cola bottles
  5. Cola bottles fizzy
  6. Cola cubes
  7. Dolly mixtures
  8. Drumstick lollies
  9. Éclairs chocolate or banana split
  10. Fish and chips (White chocolate)
  11. Fizzy belts (strawberry or apple)
  12. Flying saucers
  13. Foam shrimps
  14. Fried eggs
  15. Fudge (vanilla)
  16. Heart throbs
  17. Jelly babies
  18. Jelly beans
  19. Jelly rings
  20. Lollies (fruit flavours)
  21. Love hearts (mini rolls)
  22. Liquorice allsorts
  23. Marshmallows
  24. Midget gems
  25. Pears drops
  26. Pencils (Strawberry, apple, blackcurrant or mixed)
  27. Pink chocolate pigs
  28. Refreshers
  29. Rhubarb and custard
  30. Sherbet lemons
  31. Sour dummies
  32. Spaceships
  33. Teddy bears
  34. Toffee
  35. Wham bars

Halal Sweets Menu

(All Sweets on this menu are certified halal sweets)

  1. Apple & custard hearts
  2. Cherry cola bottles, fizzy
  3. Cola bottles
  4. Cola bottles fizzy
  5. Fizzy belts (apple or raspberry or strawberry)
  6. Fizzy strawberries
  7. Fried eggs
  8. Fruit flavoured pencils (apple, blackcurrant, strawberry or mixed)
  9. Fruity rings
  10. Happy bear gums
  11. Heart throbs
  12. Jelly caterpillars
  13. Marshmallow
  14. Wriggly worms

 In addition Jelly Beans and Love Hearts on our Vegetarian sweets menu are suitable for Halal.

Vegetarian Sweet Menu

  1. Bon bons (toffee or raspberry)
  2. Chocolate discs (white or milk)
  3. Chocolate limes
  4. Chocolate mice (white or milk)
  5. Éclairs banana split
  6. Éclairs chocolate
  7. Fish n chips (white chocolate)
  8. Fudge (vanilla)
  9. Jelly beans
  10. Lollies (fruit flavours)
  11. Love hearts (mini rolls)
  12. Mint chews
  13. Mint humbugs
  14. Pear drops
  15. Rhubarb and custard
  16. Sherbet lemons
  17. Strawberry fizzy lances
  18. Toffee


All of the sweets on our sweets menus have been specially selected. We are sure there will be many sweets here that will bring back fond memories from your childhood and as well as providing your guests with a wonderful sweet treat it will create an amazing talking point.  If you have a particular favourite sweet and it’s not on our sweets menu please ask and we will see what we can do. It’s your special event and we will do our best to help make it extra special.

We can also offer a choice of nut free, sugar free and gluten free sweets upon request.


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